Logos & Branding

Make a Good Impression

Your logo is the visual identity your business presents to the world– your first chance to make a good impression with potential customers. The essential building block of all of your business promotions, it is the keystone of establishing a successful brand. Whether you are a start-up looking to create a new identity, or an existing business wanting to improve upon what you already have, developing a unique and powerful logo that sets you apart from the crowd is the critical first step.

The Process

The process of logo design begins with an interview designed to get to the core of your business identity. In order to craft an effective brand, we must first fully understand what makes the business unique. What is the culture, the personality of the business? What virtues and qualities does your business embody? The answers to these questions become the communication objectives, not just for the logo design but for the building of the brand in all of the business promotions.